Renommierte Weingüter Burgenland

Giefing Winery

Claudia & Erich Giefing

A-7071 Rust, Hauptstraße 13
Tel: +43 (0)2685 379
Email: giefing[at]
Contact: Claudia Giefing, Erich Giefing

The wine-growing of Erich and Claudia Giefing is located in the middle of the historic center of the free city of Rust. The foundation stone of the Giefing wine-growing estate was laid in a 500-year-old wine grower´s house. The property dates back to the 15th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Spanning same 15 ha in total, the vineyards of the Giefing family are situated on the gently ascending slopes of the uplands of Rust on the western shore of Lake Neusiedl.

The Pannonian climate that prevails there is characterised by cold winters with less snowfall, hot dry summers and long mild autumns. Lake Neusiedl contributes to climate regulation. The family´s vineyards have excellent soil, which is very loose and for the most part sits on top of limestone and the so-called "Ruster Schotter", a gravel typical to the Rust area.

Unique, full of character and surpassing any mainstream wine, the Top Line selection is produced only in exceptionally good years. The Giefings put forward an idea, a vision and the taste of their region.