Renommierte Weingüter Burgenland

Hans Igler Winery


A-7301 Deutschkreutz, Langegasse 49
Tel: +43 (0)2613 80365
Fax: +43 (0)2613 89683-7
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Contact: Waltraud Reisner-Igler

"Better is always the enemy of good." This motto guides Waltraud Reisner-Igler, her husband Wolfgang and son Clemens in their vision of vinifying the perfect Blaufränkisch wine, by using more fruit, pressure and juice to convey a sense of the regional terrain in the wine. The 33 vine-covered hectares of the Hans Igler Winery are located in the best vineyards of Deutschkreutz, at the heart of the red wine region in central Burgenland – the Blaufränkischland.

Benefiting from mild Pannonian climatic influences and sandy loam and brash soils, exceptional red wines and substantial white wines thrive on the south-easterly hillsides of the Ödenburger Mountains. These wines gain their finish from a late, gentle grape harvest, particularly low yields per hectare and careful processing in a cellar equipped with the latest technology and temperature controlled fermentation. Today Igler wines such as the Blaufränkisch Ried Hochberg, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt and Merlot are among the Austrian red wine classics. Since 1997 the range has been completed by the Ab Ericio, a limited wine of the absolute highest quality.

In order to accommodate the external market demands, the winery was architecturally extended and rearranged in 2002, and the artistically created wine labels were redesigned. The Iglers are now able to fulfil their dream of awakening the Schaflerhof that had been slumbering for decades. This property  from the late 17th century that was once the farm building for Schloss Deutschkreutz will be extended to serve as a storage room for barriques, a vinotheque for old wines and as a wine tasting space and club room.

Speaking of clubs: the Hans Igler Wine Club offers customers and interested parties savings, first-hand information and invitations to VIP events hosted by the winery all year round. Membership is free – simply register under