Renommierte Weingüter Burgenland

Kollwentz Winery


A-7051 Großhöflein, Hauptstraße 120
Tel: +43 (0)2682 651580
Fax: +43 (0)2682 65158-13
Büro & Verkauf: Gartengasse 4b
Email: kollwentz[at]
Contact: Familie Kollwentz

The Kollwentz winery is situated on the southern slopes of the Leitha Mountains in Großhöflein in the traditional wine growing region of Neusiedlersee-Hügelland. The family has been producing wine in this region since 1775.

Anton Kollwentz is the pioneer of the Burgenland. With his openness to innovation and his inclination for perfection, he influenced wine producing for a whole generation in the Burgenland. His son Andi is the decathlete amongst Austrian wine-growers as he is an expert in all of the different disciplines and leads the way in every category. He has been responsible for the wine production since 1993 and runs the winery together with his wife Heidi.

In addition to their meticulous wine-making, the Kollwentz family’s success is due to their vineyards. The locations on the southern slopes of the Leitha Mountains with names like Steinzeiler, Tatschler, Gloria, Steinmühle, Dürr, Point and Setz, are some of the oldest and best in the country.

The vineyards extend from 170 to 325 metres above sea level. Red wine varieties dominate in the warmest areas – especially the Blaufränkisch - and the Chardonnay territory starts at above 200 metres. The altitude and the influence of the forests which cover the highest elevations of the Leitha Mountains create a cool microclimate, which is reflected in the refined aromas and the intensive taste.