Renommierte Weingüter Burgenland

Paul Achs Winery


A-7122 Gols, Neubaugasse 13
Tel: +43 (0)2173 2367
Fax: +43 (0)2173 2367-7
Email: office[at]
Contact: Paul Achs

This family business, which has been producing wine for several generations, has been endeavouring over the past few years to combine tradition and modern wine technology.  

The white wines are fermented in a temperature controlled environment in stainless steel tanks, and selected wines are also fermented in barriques.  Particular value is placed on the fruitiness of the wines and only healthy grapes are used to produce the high quality dry wines. Since 1994 the grapes have been harvested in fruit crates with between 11 and 12kg of content, to make it easier to better select the grapes and process them carefully.

Paul Achs junior worked for several months in a Californian wine growing business where he became familiar with the international technology used for red wines. The red wines have since been selectively matured in large wooden casks or in barriques. The prerequisite for the production of great red wines is an extreme quantity limitation (max. 3,000 litres/hectare).