Ernst Triebaumer Winery

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Ernst Triebaumer Winery


» Diversity requires stability. «

– Gerhard und Herbert Triebaumer –


clear what needs to be done to make agriculture and winegrowing a major contributor to the kind of economy that will leave a viable world for future generations.
How do we soothe the belly ache of monoculture? By hugely increasing biodiversity and thereby boosting biomass production on the surface. ln this scenario, the natural cycle regains its own momentum, because we have given it the means and space to do so.

Diversity requires stability, utterly enveloping the vines and the grapes ripening upon them. This is our winemaking philosophy: doing everything by hand, letting things happen in their own time, trusting in tried and tested ways that for centuries have yielded joyful, vibrant, characterful wines. We grow the right vines in the right place, choose just the right time to harvest, pick selectively, seeking the highest quality, and we Iet the wild yeasts do their thing. Our cellars are traditional in style, and in order to preserve and develop the inner beauty of our young wines, we mostly use wooden vats.

The wooden casks, from 300 to 5.000 litre capacity, enable the wines to evolve naturally and gradually to develop their true personality. After a period (varying from wine to wine) ageing in wooden vats, we carefully make the final blends. All the reserve wines can be bottled unfiltered, since there has been plenty of time for sediment to fall out in the vat.

Everything we do lays the foundation for wines in which the full spectrum of the Rust terroir and our grape varieties – especially the Blaufränkisch from which since 1985 we produce four different, three of them from single vineyards and since 2009 one so called URWERK without added sulphur – can be experienced sip by sip, unadulterated, complete with all their natural inner tension, structure and depth.

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„Diversity requires stability.“

Blaufränkisch Ried Mariental
Blaufränkisch Ried Mariental

Ernst Triebaumer Winery

Raiffeisenstraße 9
7071 Rust

+43 (0)2685/528

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